Girls Supporting Girls

As today is International Women’s Day, I think this is a perfect time to discuss something that I am very passionate about. International Women’s Day is not a political movement, this is a day to celebrate for sentimental reasons, a day to celebrate all the struggles as well as the victories experienced as a women, a day to take all the pain caused to you because of your gender and allow it to empower you. This day is also not just for women in America, this is for the women everywhere who are experiencing any kind of injustice. But even though women here in American can legally vote, have jobs, join the army, the fight to have women treated correctly in America is not over. Nearly 1 in 5 women in the United States has been raped or sexually assaulted. This is a statistic that simply should not be true. 2000px-Venus-female-symbol-pseudo-3D-pink.svgPeople do not deserve to be treated with this level of disrespect because honestly, women are people too.

The problems in America and all over the world can not be fixed unless there is unity. Nothing will change unless a group of people come to together decide what their goal is and try to change the world. That is what being a feminist means to me. I am just trying to change the world one day at a time.

International Women’s Day is a day for everyone alike and different to come together and appreciate each other. As a senior in highschool, women fighting against each other is a common thing in my environment. This is something that needs to change.
Girls supporting girls: this is the beginning to a change in the world. If women refuse to treat each other like they are nothing maybe, just maybe, everyone else can catch on.

The Women Who Inspired Me

irisIris Apfel is a fashion icon. She is MY fashion icon. She is the most inspiring 92-year-old that I have ever heard of. Whenever I feel a little down on myself or uninspired fashionably I watch her documentary on Netflix, she is my muse. Iris Apfel lives by the words “more is more and less is bore.” Her confidence level and her individuality is what I aspire to learn for myself.

My momma is the most powerful woman in my life. She is an entrepreneur who rarely IMG_5948lets anyone stop her from attaining her dreams. In the last nine years my mom has went from owning an in-home daycare to owning three separate daycare centers. This woman has raised me to be a powerful, passionate, caring person. Thank you, mom. It’s you and I against the world.

Ambivalently Yours is an instagram famous feminist artist from Canada. Her work is always pink, pink, pink. She anonymous creates art that speaks to women about the issues they are going through. Ambivalently Yours is a humble, caring, devoted, unbelievably artistic person that inspires me to better myself and my art almost daily. Back in september, just 10 days before my birthday, I had messaged Ambivalently Yours on instagram. I decided to talk to her because my insecurities about my ever worsening acne were growing. The response I got from her followers made me feel like maybe there was good people in the world. It was just girls supporting girls, but it was amazing. 2018-03-08 (2)

Lastly, I want to take a moment to appreciate my best friends. These are a few of the women who have stuck with me through the good days and the worst days. People who have supported my dreams, my art, listened to my feelings, and who are there to make me laugh.


I challenge you to take a moment and think of the women who have inspired you to be the best version of you.


xoxo jasmyn lanae





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