Look Book: Cinderella Prom

Cinderella, kissed a fella
Made a mistake aND

Kenesaw’s Prom was Friday the 13th, making it all the more terrifying. I was extremely stressed out about our prom outfits, the fact that it was a social situation, and about money this year. The idea of anything going south made me want to immediately back out and just not go, but I’m glad I did. The prom was full of: bad food, many laughs, 973476CE-8A2D-4E9C-9E23-2110FF0DCA90horrible dancing, and some pretty cool people. Basically exactly what I needed.

I wanted this outfit to be simple and elegant while remaining 100% me, so I bought a duo chrome ball gown and the largest earrings I own. When I bought the dress from Frame and Partners I thought it was only going to be lilac, but as soon as I saw it shift in the light I fell in love.
The shoes I went with were lilac oxfords for maximum comfort and these also will be fun to wear again, which was a huge plus (they still came off before the main course was served, though). The earrings actually lasted longer than the shoes because they were lighter and larger than I expected.

I bought everything for prom online, which put me in constant fear of something not arriving or just not being what I thought. Despite the fact that many small details were not what I thought I was buying, I rolled with the punches and made the best of situation.

Overall, the outfit was beautiful, a lot of fun, and was my favorite dance outfit ever.

1959BED9-DC6D-4B17-87A8-8B4C4AC40937For Jake I wanted to do a navy suit because I felt it would tie the blue in even more. Jake owns all the suits he has worn to the dances we have been to together, so we added a sharp navy suit to his collection.
For accents throughout his outfit, I was able to find an equally duo chrome tie at Herburger’s which made me over the moon with excitement. Jake also went with space socks with hints of purple and blue. Every last detail thought about.


We were served chicken or roast beef with cheesy green beans and mashed potatoes. My favorite part of any meal is the dinner rolls, and Kenesaw did not disappoint. For dessert we were given literally the LARGEST strawberries I have seen in my entire life. For once I am not exaggerating, they were larger than my hand.


Due to a blizzard warning and the interstate shutting down, in April, post prom was canceled and I was stuck in Kenesaw, again, in April. We settled for watching some Netflix and talking about the night. In the morning we made way too many pancakes and continued with our lazy day theme. For me this was much better than any post prom, and I’m glad I got to spend such an amazing evening with my Jake.




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