Night at the Opera House

For starters, we found out we have been pronouncing Medea wrong for some nine months. It is apparently ma-day-a instead of ma-d-a YIKES! Going to the Opera House in Omaha was unlike anything I have ever experienced. There was so much beauty and art from the very minute we walked in the door that I… Continue reading Night at the Opera House

Look Book: Medusa Prom

Snakes were the accent color. Amherst Prom was spent with my girls and with them by my side there was no way prom wouldn’t be fun. As said in the last post, I rolled with punches no matter what, including, ordering the wrong dress, getting stuck in the snow, not having my jewelry arrive on… Continue reading Look Book: Medusa Prom

Look Book: Cinderella Prom

Cinderella, kissed a fella Made a mistake aND WENT TO TWO PROMS IN THE SAME WEEKEND Kenesaw’s Prom was Friday the 13th, making it all the more terrifying. I was extremely stressed out about our prom outfits, the fact that it was a social situation, and about money this year. The idea of anything going… Continue reading Look Book: Cinderella Prom

How To: Survive Spring

Rain, rain, go away, here's some tips so you can slay. Spring is my favorite season, but the Achilles’ heel to any outfit is rain. Instead of avoiding the rain at all costs, figure out how to strut through the rain without worrying that the water will wash your fabulousness away. As it is spring,… Continue reading How To: Survive Spring

Little Adventures: Hastings, Nebraska

Me and My Jake decided to do a day out on the town. We had been lazy goobers the last couple times we hung out and decided it was time we dressed up and did something new. I have been blessed enough to travel to a few different states in my few short years and… Continue reading Little Adventures: Hastings, Nebraska