Goats first Yoga second The only rule we had to adhere to during this yoga class was: “If there is a goat around you, you must stop and pet it.” Yoga classes are where I go to relax, and I was a little nervous about inviting goats into my yoga space, but boy was this… Continue reading GOAT YOGA

5 Ways to Give Back to Yourself

In the fast past world we live in it is sometimes hard to remember to take time to think about yourself. It is even harder to justify taking a day off. I did not have school recently, so I took this chance to have a productive self-care day. It is important for every person’s mental… Continue reading 5 Ways to Give Back to Yourself

Girls Supporting Girls

As today is International Women's Day, I think this is a perfect time to discuss something that I am very passionate about. International Women’s Day is not a political movement, this is a day to celebrate for sentimental reasons, a day to celebrate all the struggles as well as the victories experienced as a women,… Continue reading Girls Supporting Girls