Goats first Yoga second The only rule we had to adhere to during this yoga class was: “If there is a goat around you, you must stop and pet it.” Yoga classes are where I go to relax, and I was a little nervous about inviting goats into my yoga space, but boy was this… Continue reading GOAT YOGA

Night at the Opera House

For starters, we found out we have been pronouncing Medea wrong for some nine months. It is apparently ma-day-a instead of ma-d-a YIKES! Going to the Opera House in Omaha was unlike anything I have ever experienced. There was so much beauty and art from the very minute we walked in the door that I… Continue reading Night at the Opera House

Little Adventures: Hastings, Nebraska

Me and My Jake decided to do a day out on the town. We had been lazy goobers the last couple times we hung out and decided it was time we dressed up and did something new. I have been blessed enough to travel to a few different states in my few short years and… Continue reading Little Adventures: Hastings, Nebraska